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Exclusive recreation at the most beautiful location on the Wörthersee

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"A truly good food is not just once, but three times enjoyed - in expectancy , the consumption and in the memory."

What makes a cooking class at Miralago so special?

We at Villa Miralago attach particular importance to convey the joy of cooking and enjoyment of good food.

In a relaxed atmosphere and under the guidance of Chef Johannes Muchitsch the students prepare for themselves a gourmet menu from simple, fresh ingredients. Muchitsch who has accumulated his experience and skills in the star restaurants in Europe, reveals his special tricks: the cooking and cutting techniques , the secret of a perfect steak or a good sauce.

At home, you can apply what you have learned at Miralago. With the help of the recipes you will surprise and impress your guests loose and relaxed with a tasting menu. The applause is guaranteed!

In the relaxed and communicative atmosphere of Miralago it's easy to make new friends with whom you can end the successful day with a glass of wine on the terrace by the lake or in the loggia of the Bél Ètage.